Interested in a paddleboard, but don't what to buy?

Our experienced sales staff can help you find the perfect board just for you, not your neighbor. And don't buy a board just because it looks cool. Make sure that you are getting one that you will love for years.

Our quality boards start at $499 with a free paddle (while supplies last.)

Cobian, Bote, WatersEdge, and other great paddleboard makers are definitely going to have amazing shapes, but expect to pay a bit more for name brand boards.

Maybe you just want to go out and try paddleboarding?

How about renting one?

You can even get a lesson from and experienced paddler right across the street on Lake Ivanhoe. It is such a fun thing to do, and a great way to stay in shape.

Call us today if you have any questions 407-447-7547

Waterski Magazines Best Core Workout for Skiers

Marion Mathieu ball pushups

Tip: Marion Mathieu’s medicine ball plank push-ups.

1. Assume a plank position. Marking the location of your hands and feet, place four soft medicine balls where each of your hands and feet would be.
2. Resume your plank position with your hands and feet slightly inside the four balls.
3. With a tight core, slowly place one hand, and then the other, on their respective medicine balls.
4. Slowly lower your chest until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle. Contract your core muscles while returning to your starting position. (Do 10 reps.)
5. For your next set, slowly move your feet atop their respective medicine balls. With a tight core, slowly place your hands on their respective medicine balls.
6. Slowly lower your chest as you perform a push-up. Tighten your core as you return to the starting position.
(Do 6 to 8 reps.)

Source: WATERSKI  Magazine

Interested in Yoga on a Paddleboard?

It is the ultimate core strengthening program bringing not only the difficulty of some certain yoga posses but then adding an extra balancing element of the board and water. Not easy to do, but very fun and everyone smiles.

Starting 6pm this Monday, class’s are only $20/person!
Call us to reserve your board and paddle today – 407-447-7547

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BOGA Paddleboards

We would like to send a big thanks to BOGA Paddleboards for coming by our shop this week, teaching some of our friends and family their style of Paddlesurfing, as well as a relaxing sunset paddle on Lake Ivanhoe.
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Check out their more pics in BOGA’s photo album on their Facebook Page here

For more photos, click over to our Facebook –

Paddleboarding in Orlando

Paddleboarding in Orlando can be very fun for all ages so lets not be afraid and try something new if you have never done it before. Maybe a little motivation is what you need…..
Check out this short video, you are going to love watching this 4 year old teach you how to paddleboard.

Cobian brand flip-flops start under $15!

Its getting so hot out!
We recommend getting a new pair of summer sandals to help you handle the extreme heat.
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Surf and Stand Up Paddle Boards DEMO DAY

Huston Mastercraft and NSP – Surf and Stand Up Paddle Boards DEMO DAY this Saturday!

Where- Lake Ivanhoe
When- July 19th
Time- 11am-5pm
Who- Team Riders and Reps from NSP, Huston Mastercraft, and You!
Why- Because being on the lake on a Saturday is a lot of fun with Ski World of Orlando.


Top Tips from the Pros: Anthony Vela

Ask anyone in the SUP scene about Anthony Vela and the words “nice guy” invariably come up. But behind his genial, friendly demeanor is a lion’s heart. As well as being a world-renowned lifesaver, prone paddleboarder and surfer, Vela has won premier SUP events worldwide, including the San Clemente Ocean Festival and the 2014 Hobie Hennessey’s Waterman’s Challenge, where his girlfriend, fellow pro Candice Appleby, also took top honors. If you haven’t been living in a barrel for the past few years, you’ll know that Vela and Appleby make the most successful ‘power couple’ in the sport.

In addition to their intensive racing calendar and a vigorous year-round training regime, Vela and Appleby run SUP racing clinics, personal coaching and water-based corporate events programs through their company, Performance Paddling.

Here, Vela catches up with’s Brody Welte of PaddleFit to share his top three tips for SUP:

Photo: Mike Muir

Photo: Mike Muir

1. Practice with a Hydration Pack

Vela is often asked how he makes the most of his hydration pack during a race. The answer? He tested various options before settling on the one that works for him: an over-the-shoulder Hydrapack. Then, he practiced using it while training in a variety of conditions so that he wouldn’t be fiddling with it come race day. “I found that having a hydration pack around my waist didn’t work, because that’s where my life preserver is. I also found that I felt the weight of the fluid more when it was on my waist. The over-the-shoulder pack makes it easier for me to get the fluids I need without impeding my stroke.” The takeaway? Find out whether you prefer an over the shoulder pack like Vela, or a waist-mounted system. Then, use the heck out of it before your next race.

2. Include Skill Drills in Your Training Program

How does Vela gain a competitive advantage before getting to the start line of each event? “I don’t just paddle in training, but also work on perfecting elements of my stroke and practicing drills that help with starts, finishes, buoys, surf, and other things that will improve my race day performance,” he says. In the video above, you’ll see one of Vela’s favorite training day drills: switching from a parallel stance to a staggered surfing stance. How do you do it? “Take two or three strokes in your parallel stance, then get into your surf stance and take another few strokes. Brace, then go back to the parallel stance,” Vela says. The pro also told us that this helps him in sprints, downwinders, and transitioning from flat water to surf. If you work on such skills in training, Vela says, “they’ll become automatic” during competition.

3. Focus on Your Weak Side

Do you know what your weak side is? And what are you doing to improve your stroke on that side? “Goofy footers, like me, typically prefer paddling on their left, while regular footers favor their right side,” Vela said. By recognizing that in a race he prefers to generate power on his left, Vela knows that he needs to work hard to improve on his right side during training. “To develop a fluid and powerful stroke on both sides, you’ve got to identify your weak side and then focus on it during paddles and drills,” Vela says. “Then, you’ll be that much better during competition.” —Phil White
For more information on Vela, visit:

Watersedge Paddleboards


New Smyrna Beach Surf Contest

smyrna surf contest   June 22 and 23, 2013  New Smyrna Surfari Club is sponsoring a paddlesurf contest

and  paddleboard SUP race at Flagler Av. New Smyrna Beach tide permitting. Alternative

site at the inlet North of  Flagler Av.  2.5 miles. Visit  for more


Buying a Stand-Up Paddleboard

nickki blake
Be sure you try out a demo standup paddleboard before investing in a new board. Many people are excited about paddleboarding and without much knowledge of the fast growing watersport, go out and spend hard earned dollars on a board and paddle. Ski World offers demos on Lake Ivanhoe and New Smyrna Beach on a large selection of paddleboards (SUP’s) and paddles for the surf or lakes.
Most ladies especially are looking at boards which are too big and hard to handle, put on top of a car, or carry. The best selling ladies boards are usually in the 9 to 10 ft. range. Smaller paddles are available which make it easier to go long distance without fatigue and cramps for those longer outings. Come in the shop today and discuss with the pros about size, width, volume and “visual lifestyle impact” (very important) of the board which fits your needs.

Rental Rates

1 hour rental: $25.00
Comes with paddle.

2 hour rental:$35.00
Comes with paddle.

Lesson ($10.00) additional.

full day rental: $75.00
Comes with paddle.

Comes with car racks or delivery (optional).

$65.00 per board for rental of 2 or more.

full week rental: $199.00
Comes with paddle.

Comes with car racks or delivery.
$175.00 per board for rental of 2 or more.